Greetings Commanders!


Welcome to the new Star Wars: Commander Website and Commander Transmissions Blog!  The Star Wars Commander website will be your home for all things Commander. We also want to celebrate our awesome community of players by bringing you the latest in Community News, Developer Blogs, Patch Notes, Commander Cast Episodes, Community Events, and so much more!


Forums have been a big part of our Star Wars Commander community, as we know players like to meet up in there to chat about game strategizing, finding squad mates, chatting with the devs, or even just discussing their love of Star Wars.


That’s why we’re also excited to announce: NEW FORUMS ARE COMING SOON!


We’ll be launching our new forums very soon, and don’t worry, we’ll be bringing over the old threads from the previous forums so fans can still check out an archive of all the great topics that have been shared and discussed since Commander launched.


We’ll be on hand to answer questions and help players out!


One important note, since this website is brand new and I know players will want to reserve their forum handles, the best way to do that is to Register for an account on the Star Wars Commander site right now. You can do that by hitting the Register button at the top of the page. That’s the quickest and easiest way to pre-reserve your forum handle before the forums launch.


So take a look around, register your forum handle, and keep checking back for more updates, cool stuff, and transmissions from your Star Wars Commander Community team!
May the Force be with you!