Welcome to the First Reputation Rush event!  Between 8/1/16 – 8/15/16, the squad that earns the most Reputation during this period will receive recognition for their great achievement.  All you need to do is earn Reputation by simply donating troops and winning Squad Wars.  Your squad’s total earned Reputation between the dates 8/1/16 – 8/15/16 will be your final Reputation count toward this event.  Not to worry…spending your earned Reputation on Squad Perks does not affect your total earned Reputation count toward the event, so feel free to upgrade and level up your Perks like you normally would.  Commanders, good luck and may the force be with you!


Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of rewards will we get for winning Reputation Rush?


Bragging rights!  The winning squad will receive recognition in the Star Wars: Commander InfoNet (in-game newspaper), email and a marquee banner here on the Star Wars: Commander website.  We will flaunt and showcase your squad name for the ultimate bragging rights!



When will the winner be announced?


On 8/18, we will announce the winner through the Star Wars: Commander InfoNet (in-game newspaper), email and a marquee banner here on the Star Wars: Commander website.


Please note:  It’s very very rare, but in the case we encounter unforeseen technical difficulties there’s a possibility winners could be announced after 8/18.



What is Reputation and how do we earn it?


Reputation is the new social currency that can only be earned through actions as a squad member.  Simply donate troops to your squadmates or win Squad Wars to earn Reputation.  Squads invest Reputation into a choice of Squad Perks.  Level up your Perks with Reputation and your squad will unlock new Perks and Perk levels that continue to provide valuable benefits for your squad.  


Please see Squad Advancement Blog Post for more details about the new feature!



If I spend Reputation for Squad Perks during the event, will it subtract from our total earned Reputation count?


Nope.  We will only calculate the total number of Reputation earned by your squad, so you can continue to invest Reputation toward your Perks as usual.    



Will there be any ties?


Nope!  We have created additional rules and algorithms that will mitigate ties.  Only one squad will be victorious! Will it be Empire or Rebel? Only one faction will have the winning squad!



If I spend money, does this give our squad an advantage for this event?


It does not.  Reputation cannot be purchased, only earned.   This event is free and we only hope that the Squad Wars and Squad Perks features brings new interactive ways for you and your squadmates to continue enjoying Star Wars: Commander.  



What are the requirements to be in a squad?


None!  Join a squad and start contributing troops today!  However, you must reach HQ3+ to participate in Squad Wars.


Please note: Some Squads may have specific recruitment requirements such as minimum medal count, past performance, leaderboard presence, etc.



What is Squad Wars?


As the Galactic War rages on, squads must now work together to rise or fall as one, across a battlefield of galactic proportions.


Squad Wars take place on Sullust, a world of ash and lava.  With valuable intel at stake, squads battle for victory in a deeply strategic multi-phase encounter.  Start each war by upgrading defenses, donating troops, and plotting out a strategy on the holographic war map.


Squads achieve victory by destroying opposing bases and crippling enemy efforts on Sullust.  But the battle extends beyond Sullust – other worlds are in play as well, and control of each world grants squads key strategic advantages.


In order to participate in Squad Wars, a squad must have at least 15 squad members and a minimum of HQ3 or higher.