The latest SWC update brings the release of Squad Advancement! Squad Advancement is a system where squad members work together to unlock and upgrade Perks, which each member can use to reach their individual goals faster. This feature introduces Squad Levels, Squad Perks, and Reputation.



What is Reputation?
Players can earn Reputation by donating troops every day and winning Squad Wars. Reputation is a currency specific to Squad Advancement.

  • Each squad member can earn 1 Reputation per day via troop donation. Active squads can earn up to 30/day this way.
  • Each squad member on the winning side in a Squad War gets 10 Reputation each, i.e. 150 Reputation for the squad given a 15 person team.
  • Reputation cannot be purchased. Troop donation and Squad War victory are currently the only ways to get it!
  • Reputation belongs to each player until they choose to invest it.


What are Squad Perks?
Players can spend their Reputation on unlocking Perks and upgrades. While each player is investing their own Reputation, it is a communal action: 1 point of Reputation invested by 1 person = 1 point of progress on that unlock/upgrade for the entire squad.

  • This progress also acts like XP for the squad. Reputation investment by any squad member counts toward squad level-ups.
  • Perks have to be unlocked/upgraded by reaching the appropriate squad level and investing Reputation. In other words, leveling up the squad gives you access to new tiers of Perks.
  • Players can activate Perks to gain their effects for 12 hours (with a 16hr cooldown period). This action is individual: each player has their own independent loadout of active perks. They pay the activation cost themselves, and the effects only happen in that player’s base.
  • Perk tiers are tied to the squad itself.


What if…?

  • If a player that has invested a ton of Reputation leaves the squad, no progress is lost.
  • If you leave your squad and join another squad, the Perks that are available to you are based entirely on the new squad’s current progress.
  • If you have Perks active when you leave a squad, you will still retain their positive effects for as long as you would have normally. Leaving a squad does not cancel your currently active Perks.


The big idea here is that players can help their squad equally. Donate troops and win Squad Wars to earn Reputation -> Invest your Reputation to get more/better Perks for the squad -> Activate Perks to make it easier/faster to accomplish whatever your personal goals are in Commander.