Greetings Commanders,


Over the past few months we’ve been listening carefully to your feedback, and one of the most requested features was to have more events. Today we are excited to announce a new event: Time of Heroes.


This two week event starts on June 20th, and Hondo Ohnaka has crates with Data Fragments and Samples for the SD-K4, Modified SD-K4, Death Troopers, and R2-D2 & C3-P0 Equipment. Clear some jobs for him and these rewards can be yours.


We’ll also be making some balancing changes as this event launches. The SD-K4 and Modified SD-K4 have both had their Health buffed by 25%, while R2-D2’s Equipment now also increases his movement speed by 100%. Finally, the Death Trooper has become a squad of Death Troopers, where they’ll now deploy as a squad of 3.


We hope you enjoy this event and look forward to hearing your feedback.


Star WarsTM: Commander Team