Today we’re excited to unveil what’s in store for the Star WarsTM: Commander community this May 4th!


New Unit & Building Types


First of all, we’re excited to bring you a brand new unit: the salvaged Multi-Troop Transport. This heavily armored vehicle has been salvaged by Mercenary Dowutin and converted for battle! As the Transport blasts away at enemy defenses, Dowutin Hunters will emerge from the vehicle and lay down fire.


We’re also introducing Banners, a new cosmetic Building type so you can show your devotion to the Rebel Alliance or to the Empire. Banners will be available from HQ3.


Crystal Sale


Celebrate May the 4th with free daily crates of 200 Crystals, as well as a bonus of up to 35% extra Crystals on select Crystal Packages!


Enhanced Engineering


Dominate your opponents with mechanized forces! For a limited time, Vehicle training time and research costs will be halved.


From everyone on the team, May the 4th be with you!


Oliver Bulloss

Star Wars: Commander General Manager