Welcome to another installment of Feature Four, your quick Q&A on new features from a Developer’s perspective! Today’s Developer guests are Sr. Producer Cor Despota, Sr. Product Manager David Feder, and Game Design Manager Joe Canose.


What are some quick tips on what makes a quality squad?
More than anything, you really want engaged, high-level squad mates. If they are playing frequently, it means you guys are sending troops back and forth frequently, and the higher level those troops are, the more damage you’ll do on both offense and defense. They make a huge difference.


What should players look for in a squad?
It depends how you like to play. I hear some squads are very focused on maximizing their battle score and leaderboard ranking, but in my squad we just like to socialize, share tips and battle videos, talk about different troop load-outs. It’s pretty easy-going.


Why is HQ5 and 15 people a requirement for Squad Wars?
In terms of the story arc of SWC, HQ5 is where we expand from a single-planet game to a galactic one. At that point in the progression, you’ve proven your capabilities to your faction, and they’ve determined that you’re ready to take on challenges of a wider scope. As a galactic-level event, Squad Wars is a perfect example of this. From a product standpoint, we were also looking to introduce the complexity of Squad Wars at the proper time (to make sure we didn’t overwhelm new players), and with all the PvE content to take users through HQ4, HQ5 felt like the right place.


For the 15 member requirement, the main goal was to allow as many users as possible to participate frequently in Squad Wars. There were two competing intents here – we wanted to make sure that active squads could have as many of their members participating as possible (which suggests a high requirement), but we also wanted to maximize the number of squads able to participate in the first place (which suggests a lower requirement). Knowing that 30 is the maximum squad size, and looking at data regarding the size of the squads that we currently have, we felt like 15 was a good balance. We also felt that players would have a wider choice of outposts to attack without becoming overwhelmed with choices. It felt like a nice balance of turns, player outposts, and capturable PvE outposts.


Lightsabers or Blasters?