Greetings Commanders!


An old but familiar enemy has risen again, with a hungering desire to spread its infection to anyone that lies in its path. Yes, the long and awaited return of Undead Troopers has finally arrived! Between the weeks of 10/19 – 11/2 battle your way through waves of Undead Troopers as they descend upon your base. Deploy heroes, call on your squad, and prepare your starship strikes to hold out against the undead horde.


How Can I Take Part In This Event?


Players who are HQ4 or higher and own a Scout Tower will be able to take part in the event by selecting their Scout Tower and then pressing “Defend”. The frequency of Heroic Defense has been increased during this event, with new waves of Undead Troopers returning once every 4 hours.


What Sort of Prizes Will Be Awarded?


Players who successfully defend their base from the Undead will receive a Supply Crate which contains varying amounts of Undead Troopers. Players who have also built an Armory will receive an additional prize of Data Fragments to further unlock equipment.


What’s New About the Undead Troops This Time?


The Undead Troopers have all under gone balancing changes, and are fiercer than ever before.


Undead Stormtrooper: Similar to its living counterpart, this unit is a generalist who works best at clearing out bases and dealing consistent damage. The Undead Stormtrooper boasts more life and damage than a typical Stormtrooper.

Scout Undead Trooper: Faster than before, the Undead Scout Trooper excels in numbers and can quickly overwhelm and take down even the largest of foes. Their primary targets are enemy troops, but will switch their attention back to resource buildings if no enemies remain on the battlefield.

Heavy Undead Trooper: The strongest of the undead units, the Heavy Undead Trooper has massively increased life compared to its living counterpart. Able to shrug off most damage and deal a considerable punch, the Heavy Undead Trooper is a force to be reckoned with and will thoroughly wipe out a base if ignored.


Note: Due to the Heavy Undead Troopers considerable state of necrosis it will only benefit half as much from allied healing sources.


– Daniel Kovacs, Sr. QA Tester