Greetings Commanders,


Last week we lowered the HQ requirements in our ongoing efforts to optimize Squad Wars for all players. This week we will be moving HQ3+ players NOT currently in squads into existing squads in need of players. We understand that this change will generate some confusion or concerns so we’ve put together some basic info.



Can I opt out of this?

Yes! You can opt out of being moved into a squad by either joining or creating one yourself, or if you have a squad and you don’t want people moved into it, make it private.


Why is this being done and is this a one-time thing or will it be done periodically?

We are doing this as a way to help players find good squads and vice versa. As we look for ways to improve squad recruitment in a more permanent fashion, we may do this more than just the one time.


Will I be able to remove the new people that get added to my squad?

Squad leaders can remove them from the squad at any time.


What if I get moved to a squad that I don’t want to be in?

You can leave the squad at any time.



We strive to improve the game experience through these types of changes and updates. Please leave your questions and concerns in the discussion thread here.