Welcome to the first installment of Feature Four, your quick Q&A that will cover feature news from a Developer’s perspective! Today’s Developer guest is Nathan Harling, Game Designer.


Why was it decided to implement Night Raids in the game?

Night Raids was a great opportunity to do two things at once: 1. Bring back Heroic Defense, a fun and unique combat mode where you defend your base with the full fury of your Hero units AND starships together and 2. Stage these epic battles against the backdrop of a day/night cycle that adds further depth and life to the various planets of Star Wars: Commander.


What was the most challenging part of turning a hackathon idea into a feature?

Like most hackathon ideas, the hard part was preserving the idea while turning it into a functional implementation. In the case of Night Raids, the on-screen time change shown in the hackathon was mostly just that: a screen change. There was a ton of additional work needed to set up solutions that worked for all the different planets, buildings and troops, visibility tuning to avoid making it too dark or light, and more. All the disciplines rallied around making this work.


Does the team have a favorite planet for night mode?

Everyone has his or her own favorite. What we do agree on is how awesome blaster bolts and the Twi’lek Incinerator’s flames look at night!


Would you rather face a Rancor or give a Loth-Cat a bath?

Oh, gees. Not being a Jedi, I’d be in serious trouble either way! I’d go with the Loth-cat and cross my fingers that it doesn’t hate water. I think I’d be out of luck taking a chance on an herbivorous rancor.