Greetings Commanders,


Feedback and player reaction to Squad Wars has been very positive and we hope to make this feature more accessible to players. As part of our continued efforts on this front, we will be lowering the HQ requirements to participate in Squad Wars! The new minimum requirement will be HQ3 and we are aiming to implement this change this week.




What does this mean?

HQ3 and HQ4 players can now be included as Squad Wars party members.



Will this impact Squad Wars win rewards?

Squad Wars rewards are scaled to match a player’s HQ level. Prizes for HQ3 and HQ4 will be scaled appropriately. Prizes for HQ5 and up remain the same.



Why is this adjustment being made?

We’d like to offer more players the ability to play with their squads. We’ve been happy to see the positive reception to the Squad Wars feature, and we want to loosen the restrictions so more players and squads are able to join in!




We will be monitoring the impact of this adjustment and welcome questions and feedback here.